“When we become interested in our inner workings, our inner life, we become available.”

Available to be present.
Available to be honest.
Available to be whole.

It is not selfish to be interested in yourself, when that interest is one of curiosity. When we inquire within, when we attend to the tenderness of our experience, a pathway for compassion and humility opens up. From this place true nature is possible. Mindfulness encourages us to weed through the self descriptors that arise and set us apart from others.

“I am better than them.”
“I am worse than them.”
“I am the best at…”
“I am the worst at…”

These voices may try to convince us that they are our true nature. They are not. Any descriptor that separates you is trying to keep you safe from some deeper wound. Most certainly we are different from one and other and we are at once the same. When we focus on the sameness harmony echoes throughout the chamber of The Heart.


  • Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes.

  • Feel your heart beating in your chest.

  • Notice what arises and allow your mind to follow it. See what truth and knowledge await you.