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“Mattie is a compassionate healer. Her proficiency in massage combined with her knowledge of Yoga and energy work is an excellent complement to western and eastern medical therapies. Offering you quicker healing and increased flexibility. I would highly recommend her services.”


“Mattie has become a vital part of our team, guiding our success on the court and growth off of it through her integrated approach of yoga, meditation and visualization. She is so aware of our players individual bodies and minds while adjusting sessions to the overall needs of the team. This is something our team needed to get to the next level and I couldn’t be happier.”


Head Women’s Tennis Coach & Whitman College

“I have become more aware of my emotions, how to regulate them and understand what messages they are telling me. This has helped me be more stable, open and present in all areas of my life.

My past experience with therapy was very intellectual. I stayed in my head the whole time and never connected with my emotions. With Mattie I am connected to my whole mind and body which helps me heal and grow with the whole human experience, not just my thinking mind.”



“My son struggles daily with elevated stress and anxiety. There are very few activities which will bring him release. After an hour with Mattie, Nick says he feels like melted caramel. His breathing and posture are improved, and his mood is shifted dramatically. I have absolute faith and confidence in Mattie and her ability to affect positive change.”



“Mattie is incredibly intuitive and supportive.What she brought to our sessions- a range of therapeutic massage methods, guided meditation, Reiki, breath work, acupressure, chakra balancing, and a host of other techniques- have helped me heal physically and emotionally. I feel that for a town the size of Walla Walla to have someone this experienced and accomplished is nothing short of a miracle.”


Yoga Teacher and Magazine Editor

“Staying focused has been a problem throughout my life. Since studying yoga and meditation with Mattie my mental concentration, physical flexibility and ability to let external things go has greatly improved.

Her integration of emotional and mental exercises into her classes is unique. Seeing how that integrates into practice has been very educational and helped me to advance in ways I did not expect. I am more able than ever to live in the present.”


Network Administrator & Yoga Student

“The events in our lives have a far greater impact upon our emotional well-being than we realize and it is our emotional self that drives our character. We all strive to be strong, confident, and level headed individuals, but when our lives our plagued with anxieties, fears, business and relational stresses it can be difficult to witness an event and not draw attachment to it. As more and more research comes out about the ACE’s study, we are finding that the traumas from our past really do impact our lives now as adults. Working with Mattie has given me a greater sense of awareness of my anxieties, which gives me the capability to change and manage them.

Conventional therapies are great and a wonderful first step into positive self-talk and learning how to create an atmosphere so that you can become less reactionary to life situations. Working with Mattie will take you into the next level of self-awareness and address issues that lie within the deeper recesses of your psyche and body, including postural imbalances, breathing, and energy distortion. I can honestly say that the sessions I have had with Mattie have had a profound impact on my life. These sessions have helped me to excel in my career and manage some of the toughest emotional events in my life. All sessions leave you with a sense of calm empowerment and the tools to change your life.”


Wellness Center Director & Personal Trainer

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