“Everything in life is vibration.”


Healing is creating the right dynamic for the system to start upgrading- connecting the dots between all things. For that process to take shape all the parts of our Self need to unite as we position ourselves to harness the resulting energy. This process can be elusive and rewarding, as adaptability is central to life.

Adaptation is an intelligent response to changing circumstances and it can also be a form of acquiescence. It is important for us to notice how we defend our adaptations- does our acceptance lead to wiser living, are we consenting because we feel trapped and unable to do differently? When action is needed and instead we settle, our frequency dims. Be it psychological, physical, or societal remaining complacent can, over time, impact our long-term vibrancy. When we notice adaptation becoming complacency something quite wonderful is occurring! These are the times when healing is ripe for the picking. Our stagnation becomes the guide to help us connect the dots between all things- regulating our power and establishing unconditional confidence. Healing the roots of Self and harnessing the resulting energy.


  • Sit in a quiet place, close your eyes, and breath.
  • Consider what you may have settled for.
  • Recognize its natural to become complacent and notice your posture as you think about things changing.