The Path of Light

“Who is more foolish, the child afraid of
the dark or the man afraid of the light?”


Here, in the Western Hemisphere, we are shifting from the longest night of the year towards the longest day. Daylight remains scarce and here in Walla Walla; the quiet gray of cloud coverage tucks us into our small valley. Recently a friend sent me a message expressing her regret at not being able to make class, she wrote, “PJ’s are calling” it was 3 PM.
Another acquaintance once offered me an inside peek at her husband’s daily patterns. She told me that he would sleep most of the day and awake close to dusk. Arising alert and energized he would spend each night in his office with doors closed inventing. This man eventually changed how we secure our identity on the world wide web.

Whether darkness energizes us or beckons us to rest, the stillness within it impacts us greatly.

The earth appears on its surface appears less active and in that period of pause so much can be found. On the path of truth- of seeking the light- we must turn to the darkness to guide us forward.


  • Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes, and breath.
  • Employ all your senses: smell the air, feel the temperature, listen to the sounds, taste any flavors in your mouth, look into the back of your eyelids.
  • Notice what arises and allow your mind to follow it. See what truth and knowledge await you.