Sometimes rejection is a sign that you were headed in the wrong direction.

If I could title 2016 I would title it A Year of Finding Direction. Now, if you had asked me 2 months ago for a title I would have said The Year of Rejection. Perspective is everything.

Whether it be a job, romantic relationship, chair position, residence, and the list goes on when we are ushered away from something we would prefer to remain part of our lives our first response is often to feel shut out, pushed to the side, disregarded, or otherwise unimportant. Feelings of worth, shame and disolutionment arise as we navigate the emotions of unsolicited change at the hands of something outside of ourselves. We may feel rejected by Mother Nature if the water harvesting tank we built is taken out in a flash flood.

Like all moments of change, rejection is an opportunity to stop, look at the story we are telling ourselves, offer kindness to our wounds, and seek an alternate path. Who knows, it’s possible we’ll end up just where we wanted to be all along.

Walk outside.
Stand with feet and arms spread wide.
Speak out, “That is what I am talking about!”