Guiding people towards wholeness

“Mattie is a compassionate healer. Her proficiency in massage combined with her knowledge of Yoga and energy work is an excellent complement to western and eastern medical therapies. Offering you quicker healing and increased flexibility. I would highly recommend her services.”


“Mattie has become a vital part of our team, guiding our success on the court and growth off of it through her integrated approach of yoga, meditation and visualization. She is so aware of our players individual bodies and minds while adjusting sessions to the overall needs of the team. This is something our team needed to get to the next level and I couldn’t be happier.”

JOHN HEIN, Head Women's Tennis Coach, Whitman College

“Mattie is incredibly intuitive and supportive.What she brought to our sessions- a range of therapeutic massage methods, guided meditation, Reiki, breath work, acupressure, chakra balancing, and a host of other techniques- have helped me heal physically and emotionally. I feel that for a town the size of Walla Walla to have someone this experienced and accomplished is nothing short of a miracle.”

ROBIN HAMILTON BRODT, Yoga Teacher and Magazine Editor